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Injectable Anabolic Steroid Trenbolone Powder 99% Purity Trenbolone Enanthate

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Injectable Anabolic Steroid Trenbolone Powder 99% Purity Trenbolone Enanthate

Good Quality Injectable Anabolic Steroid  Trenbolone Powder  99% Purity Trenbolone Enanthate Sales

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SMQ
Certification: SGS, ISO, Kosher
Model Number: CAS: 472-61-5

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Detailed Product Description
Name: Trenbolone Enanthate Alias: Trenbolone Anan
Purtity: 99% Melting Point: 72~74.0℃
Specific Rotation: +27° Class: Injectable Anabolic Steroid

Enanthate Trenbolone Powder Injectable Anabolic Steroid 99% Purity


We are a legit Steroid(raw powder, oral liquid and injection), Anesthetic raw powder and GBL manufactory for 12 years, located in Shenzhen, the largest Port in China
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1. Description
The chemical structure of Trenbolone Enanthate (TE) is 17β-Hydroxyestra-4, 9, 11-trien-3-one.Its other names and terms are Tren, Tren Ace, Tren E, Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate, Tren-Fina, Finaplix and Fina. Trenbolone Enanthate is produced by underground labs to replace Parabolan and its obscure ester. This is an oil based steroid and is basically used for veterinary purposes and for bodybuilding & powerlifting. Trenbolone Enanthate is exclusively used to build up strength and mass. It is a viable compound for those who want to make minimal injections and at the same time use a nice lean-mass providing, non-aromatizing anabolic.


2. Quick details

Name Trenbolone Enanthate
Alias Testosterone Enan
Purity 99%
Appearance  slightly yellow or yellow crystalline powder
Molecular Formula C25H34O3
Molecular Weight 382.54
Effective Dose (Men) 300-600mgs/wk
Effective Dose Not recommended
Active Life 8 days
Class Anabolic/androgenic steroid (for injection)


3. Application
The benefits of Tren are vast and they include nearly every benefit and trait any performance enhancer could ever be after. You will find several of these traits to be similar to many other anabolic steroids but it cannot be stressed enough, the level of efficiency within each effect is so much stronger and efficient with Tren its almost not even fair to compare it to other steroids and this is often true even when Tren is taken at a very low dose. The solid benefits of Tren include:
Increase Muscle Mass
Increased Strength
Decreased Body-Fat
Increased Recovery
Increased Tissue Preservation
A Harder Physique
Increased Vascularity

Trenbolone Enanthate (Tren) users widely experience side effect though they can expect rapid gains in muscle size and strength. The steroid is often used in cutting cycles due to its ability to cause hardening of the muscles, and positively changing a person’s body composition. Trenbolone Enanthate is also said to be responsible for some level of fat loss, but we should not rely on the compound for this benefit. Due to its high androgenic characteristics, Tren is not really a suitable steroid to be taken by women. It is generally used by athletes and bodyguards. It can also improve feed efficiency and mineral absorption in animals. A sports person is advised to take this drug in the beginning of the sports season and gradually stack it with other anabolic steroids.
Doses are usually in the 75-100mg range, and since the ester length of this steroid is quite short it needs to be administered via intramuscular injection every day to every other day, and Trenbolone is a favorite on both bulking as well as cutting cycles. It should be noted that it is typically used primarily in cutting cycles, since it is a very potent fat-loss agent.


Raw powder Product list and most raw powder can be made into oral liquid and injection

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  Mesterolone Proviron 
  17-alpha-Methyl Testosterone/Methyltestosterone   
  Clostebol acetate/4-Chlorotestosterone Acetate Turinabol 

4-ChlordehydroMethyl Testosterone/


Trenbolone Trenbolone acetate   Fina
  Trenbolone Enanthate    
Methenolone Methenolone enanthate

Primobolan Depot/

Primobolan Enanthate 

Methenolone acetate  Primobolan/Methenolone acetate 
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  Drostanolone enanthate  Masteron Enanthate
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  Sildenafil citrate / Viagra    



Injectable Anabolic Steroid  Trenbolone Powder  99% Purity Trenbolone Enanthate




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